Thursday, December 4, 2008

The moment you've all been waiting for - Pictures!

This is the water source that runs through one of the unrecognized villages. Notice the delicious silvery color of the water from the industry chemicals upstream.This picture isn't so good, as it was taken from the bus, but it should the greenness and the pool at the Single Family Farm. In the desert?
This is over the Mactesh Crater, where we took our hike the first day. They're building a hotel right on the cliff.
This is my defacto big brother. Without Eddie or Russell around here in Israel, Aaron has kindly stepped into the role of doing brotherly things. He's gives me noogies, shoots olive pits out of his nose, slaps my face with challah, helps me with my science homework, holds my arm to stabilize my steps down the scary declines on big hikes. This is at the bottom of such a decline.
From the highest point of our hike.

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