Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sarah Palin is stupid

First of all, I don't think Sarah Palin has any idea what she's talking about, so I know I shouldn't be concerned about this. But still, it's infuriating. At the end there, it feels like it cuts off abruptly, right? That she probably says something else, to back up why Israel should be allowed to continue to build settlements on Palestinian land? Well, she doesn't. I looked up a longer version of this. She has nothing more to say and Barbara Walters quickly moves on to an unrelated question. I mean, its clear she just repeats herself and then stops short of any explanation because she doesn't know ANYTHING about Israel or Palestine. Not to mention the few reasons she does give are ridiculous. The US doesn't have the right to tell Israel to freeze its settlements? Excuse me, Ms. Republican? If the US has the right to invade Iraq on the grounds of securing peace and removing WMDs, or was it to establish freedom and democracy? Well anyway, we clearly had a G-d Given right to tell Iraqis what to do, even the right to determine whether or not they get to live, continuing long after disposing of the despot leader. But we don't get to tell Israel to stop breaking international law, UN resolutions specific to Israel and general on human rights and rules of Occupation and Warfare, even though they're effectively doing this with our money?
And why are we planning on needing the settlement housing for so many more Jews flocking to Israel in the days, weeks, and months to come. Is Sarah Palin planning on driving us out of the US, in such large numbers that we not only could not live in pre-determined Israeli towns and cities within its proper borders, but would also HAVE TO go live in the illegal settlements, not in any of the currently uninhabited or sparsely inhabited areas of the Northern Negev?

She's just so stupid! I don't understand why she's still even in the limelight! Why did anyone let her get a book published?! She probably can't even read! And Fox News has to do the WORST video editing job, the most shameful display of flat out lying in the history of journalism to show what a "success" her book tour has been (in case you missed out on this, look it up, the Huffington Post had a good article on it a couple days ago, but basically Fox News should footage so OBVIOUSLY from the campaign tours and claimed it was the book tour)! A classmate told me (although she couldn't remember where she'd read this statistics, so at this point they're extremely convoluted, but still) that something like 47% of Republicans think Sarah Palin is ready for the presidency in 2012. 10% of Democrats agree. This is horrifying! I decided in response to our country's love for stupid stupid politicians, I'm going to create a campus game show called "Are You Smarter than a US President?" and look up facts that US presidents over the last 50 years famously didn't know or (more likely) were vocally flat out wrong about, ie, the proper pronunciation of a certain type of energy source, how economics work, basic geography, etc. In set up, it would run like Jeopardy!: three contestants, in a race to come up with the correct answer first, and if they are "smarter than a US president" they get points, etc. I think it would be fun.

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