Monday, November 17, 2008

I went on a 47 mile bike ride today. At least, that how long I think it was. 122 km, I think I was told? I don't remember. I thought it was straight from Ketura to Eilat, about 50 km. It was not. It was much much longer. With hills. When I reached the top crest of the last hill, and I could see Eilat's hotels, and the sea, and Aqaba over in Jordan, I almost started to cry. It was so beautiful, and I was so tired, and so happy to see my destination. I'm still very tired. And sore. But here's a picture from the Rainbow Gathering that my roommate finally uploaded:

Front row (from left): Anna, Hazem, ME, Ghadeer (my roomie). Next row: Sarah, Moutassem, Khoulud. Behind Sara, you can sort of see Eric's hat. I don't know who that guy on the side making a kissy face is.

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