Sunday, November 9, 2008

Science is scary

I have a test tomorrow in Climate Change, and I'm very nervous. I was just looking over the lecture notes, and I think that I understand everything, but I always think that I understand this sciency stuff, but then the exam comes around and its never as simple as it seems, and I get numbers mixed up, and I end up only getting half-points on every question. And that's how I end up with a 100-level natural science evaluation like, "Elizabeth is clearly not a science student, but A for effort!" and with that D in marine biology. Just to make matters worse, the only time the official review session could be is during Hebrew class. Those of us in Hebrew class will be having our own review session, but when its led by the professor, sometimes you get hints on what questions will be asked, and more precise information for the test itself. Wish me luck! The test is at 8 AM.

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