Sunday, January 11, 2009

I got a 83% on my science test! yayyyyy!

The semester is wrapping up, and it is crazy! I've finished my first draft of my science paper (on nuclear energy), but now have to work on my half-written mediation paper (on water wars), and my climate change paper (a critique of the ridiculous documentary "The Great Global Warming Swindle"). There is a good possibility I'll be in charge of writing the paper on our class policy assignment, as well, because I've been sick this week so I wasn't very involved with the class presentation. This is the last week of classes, and exams start next week. I only have an exam on Sunday, the rest of mine happen to be the second week, so I was thinking about a little last-minute traveling through Israel. But I've got to pack, and figure out what to ship (and how much that will cost), and everything, so I'm not sure. Ghadeer wants me to come with her to Ramallah and see her home and everything, which would also be very exciting. She has an exam next week that I don't have, so she wouldn't be going until the weekend anyway. So I could stay for the first part of the week and pack and take care of things, and then just go to Ramallah with her on Wednesday. I think that would be nicer than whatever touristy things I would explore on my own. Plus, I've gotten a few requests for kaffiyehs for friends back home, and I'd so much rather buy it in Palestine.

The thing I'm most dreading about the end of the semester is having to clean my room and pack up my life. It's so much easier at Hampshire, because if I see something is left unpacked, I just shove it into my car. I have to really make sure everything is packed and in its proper place, which means I have to start packing with things I am absolutely certain I won't need again once its packed.

But I am really excited to come home! I'm excited to see my family, and my friends, and be back at Hampshire, and eat diner food, or pizza, or greasy Chinese food, or cheddar cheese, or basically anything besides falafel, humus, baba ganoush (which they just call eggplant here), tomatoes, and cucumbers. Don't get me wrong, I love falafel, humus, bab ganoush, tomatoes, and cucumbers. But I miss home food.

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Katharine Hott McAwesome said...

you forgot wings! those the most important kind of gross but amazing american food of all.