Monday, January 26, 2009

It keeps getting closer... the end

Only one more exam to go. It's sociology, and we have study pretty much nonstop for it. So hopefully, I'll do well. I found out already for the science exam (which I finished in 20 minutes): full marks. I haven't gotten my official grade, but at least 25 out of 25, but I'm hoping that I get extra points for any of the bonus questions I answered. Today I took the climate change quiz (not final exam, just a quiz on the last unit of the course). I'm guessing I'm in the 75-80 out of 100 range. There were a few questions I know I got wrong, a few a know I got right (including the extra credit questions), and one or two I think could go either way. So this will mean all three of my quizzes for this class were in the C range, but I did well on my first paper, and I think I'll do well on the last paper (which is extra credit anyway), so I think I can expect my final grade to even out to 80 range for this class, and probably most of my classes.
Considering all the fun and good experience I was busy having in this foreign country, I'll be pretty pleased with straight 80's (other than the short course in Marine biology, which I already know I got a 66 in).
Anyway, it's a bit surreal that I have to be packed in two days. I'll be in Ramallah for Thursday night/most of Friday, and then to the airport on Friday evening. I have friends who will be in Tel Aviv Friday night, and apparently lots of places stay open on Shabbat in Tel Aviv, so I might go meet them for dinner and hang out for a bit, if I can find someplace to leave my luggage. I'm coming home in 6 days!

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Tab said...

Welcome back? And now that you're back, stop this grade-talkin' mumbo-jumbo.