Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life in DC

So today I wrote the third blog post I've written at APN. I think this one will actually be put on the APN blog. The first one, you know, I couldn't even finish writing because I realized it was not appropriate. The second one (which I posted here, the bit on the conflicting headlines), I was told was fine, but to try to write more objectively. Then I read this: Another intern's blogpost and was confused, because there is a voice, an opinion there. So I felt a little lost at work for a few days, not really sure what I could do. But I talked to my supervisor today and we worked on something together that will be a good springing off point for me. We had some disagreement toward the end, but there wasn't time to get into it because I was late to class at the RAC. Basically, I think that if the percentage of Palestinians who think they can live equally, justly, and peacefully in a single bi-national state increases by 7%, that's a good sign. Apparently, since that bi-national state is not likely, the fact the more Palestinians believe that is detrimental to the true peace process (the two-state solution), so I shouldn't write that in my analysis of the polls. While I agree that the two-state solution is a better, more realistic plan, I think it's beautiful that more Palestinians are "reaching for the moon," as the saying goes. At least they'll land among the stars, and all that.

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