Friday, June 26, 2009

This is a few days late.

This was in the news on Wednesday: Former Kosovo Prime Minister held in Bulgaria

Now, I appreciate Bulgaria's reticence to recognize Serbia's arrest warrant for this man, because I'm a little defensive about the KLA's terrorist tactics. You know, when your nation's autonomy is stripped, your right to an organized defense military denied, and your oppressors begin ethnically cleansing your people, the world must expect terrorist militias to rise up. But I also understand that in the name of international law, treating the newly independent Kosovo like every other country, and for the sake of appeasing grumpy Old Man Serbia, Agim Ceku should probably be tried for his war crimes, along with whatever other KLA members are wanted. However, why anyone thinks for a moment that extraditing them to Serbia is okay, I have no idea. It looks like Bulgaria is leaning toward a no on the question, but that it would even be considered is outrageous. Don't hand someone over to their genocidaire, no matter what. He should be extradited to the Hague and stand in the ICTY like all the other war criminals of Serbia and Croatia. Just saying. Don't mess with my Eastern European Muslim friends.

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