Thursday, July 23, 2009

Another countdown begins

So today is a big day. I went to the Hill today to lobby for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Senator Merkley will be reintroducing it into the Senate legislation, hopefully before August recess, and both Senators Dodd and Lieberman have already agreed to cosponsor when it comes. Representative DeLauro was one of the original cosponsors of the bill in the House legistlation. So mostly it was a "Thank you" visit. But it was still pretty cool. I went with a fellow Machon Kaplan-ite who goes to Yale. I think we were a good pair.
This afternoon is my last at Americans for Peace Now, but I think my work here will continue. I'll have a "People for Peace" profile on the new APN website, and I'll continue to update Twitter and probably my blog with all the latest in the Middle East News, with some sprinkles of other Peace News (like the story about the KLA officer that the Serbs wanted to arrest... no update on that so far, but we'll see). Anyway, everything is wrapping up nicely. Katharine is here this week, and that's been nice as well. We went to the Natural History and American Indian Smithsonian Museums, and checked out an American Crafts exibit, which I thought was actually a museum until we went in and realized basically it was just a gallery full of whatever didn't fit in the American Art Museum.
Overall, my time in DC has been well spent. Once I'm at home and have a chance for some reflection, I'll be able to write more on a personal level of how I enjoyed Machon Kaplan and Americans for Peace Now.

In the meantime, here's APN's response to the "Breaking the Silence" testimonies I posted on last time. Looking Seriously at Breaking the Silence
And here's my first of two pieces on water resource struggle. Water Crisis reemerges in the Public Eye

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