Thursday, July 16, 2009

I know I still haven't posted a real update, but I've been busy.
In the meantime, here's something. I'm quite unimpressed by the "counter-testimonies" that exploded all over the internet today. These are soldiers' responses to other soldiers' stories about what really happened in Gaza this past winter. A lot of soldiers have been coming forward with stories of the unethical actions of the IDF during the war. In response, I've read in a few places today that other soldiers are coming forward with "counter-testimonies;" that the IDF didn't do anything wrong. However, none of the counter-testimonies I've read actually counter anything. They mostly state how Hamas used human shields. Well we knew that, but that doesn't negate your fellow soldiers' claims that the IDF did as well. Telling the world that Hamas is a terrorist organization does nothing for your cause. No one is saying that Hamas isn't bad. These counter-testimonies seem to just be deflecting the focus of the situation. Now, I'm not saying either set of testimonies is right or wrong. I wasn't in Gaza, so I know what happened about as well as any of you. I'm just saying, this whole "counter-testimony" movement does not seem to be doing its job very well.

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